Today is National Day of Reason, and boy does this world need it. The news has been full of story after story of reason’s importance to the flourishing of humanity and the dangers that await us if we ignore reason:

  • We continued to mourn with the victims of the senseless Boston bombings.
  • Last week, a child died when his parents prayed for him rather than seeking proper medical attention. Adding to the disgust, this was the second time the parents allowed a child to die from a treatable and easily curable illness.
  • We learned that China is plundering the planet’s seas, partly in search of fish bladders and shark fins that are said to have health benefits like curing cancer.
  • The last rhino in Mozambique was killed by poachers seeking the valuable rhino horns, which some in Asia believe cure cancer or act as aphrodisiacs.
  • Some religious extremists will protest the NBA playoffs because one player came out as being gay.

This depressing list could be very, very long. We could also list dozens of stories in this week’s news, thousands of politicians guiding their people without the light of reason, and a million personal lives made slightly less enjoyable by someone’s refusal to apply reason.

We know all too well the consequences of ignoring reason – but we see glimmers of hope, too.

This list of stunning monuments to reason also goes on and on. Science pushes forward, changing the world. Somewhere, reason led someone to recognize their own confirmation bias and admit, “I was wrong.” Millions of people have been treated and vaccinated against diseases that could otherwise kill them.

Join us today in celebrating reason and encouraging its application in politics, religion, and in our personal lives. For the sake of civilization, reason must prevail.