Anyone is welcome to submit a guest blog post, provided it meets our quality standards. If you are even remotely familiar with what we do here, you should have a pretty good idea of what will fly and what will fail.

What Your Post Should Do

The whole reason we’re here is to help everyone live happier, more fulfilling lives. It should go without saying, then, that your post should align with that goal.

Your guest post is an opportunity to reach out to our community. Make it interesting. Show some passion and interest in what you’re talking about! You should generally write in the first person. Break text up with diagrams and images that add to the post.

What Your Post Should Not Do Under Any Circumstances

Your post should not be overly-promotional, nor should it sound like a sales pitch. Our readers are intelligent enough to see through sales pitches, and savvy enough to learn more about you if your post adds value.

How Long Should it Be?

Brevity is a virtue. Make you post long enough to support your key point(s), and no longer. Include links only if they add to the post. Do not point links back to your site with awkward and forced commercial anchor text.

We Will Mercilessly Reject Garbage

Common causes of article rejection include the following:

  • Low-quality writing: Do not expect us to act as either editor or writing teacher.
  • Lack of original thought: We will reject articles that merely summarize concepts and ideas.
  • Just plain boring: You should write about something you care about.

We prefer that you send completed posts, but you may also submit ideas or drafts to the address below.

The better your post, the more we will do to promote it (and you) internally and externally. Thank you for your interest and time,

-Your friendly editors