Get Involved

You can help us create a non-religious community dedicated to happiness. The best way to get involved right now is simply through reading, commenting, sharing, and joining the discussion on Facebook. The Rational Romantics movement is still very young, and most people have yet to hear about it. Those living in select cities such as Salt Lake City will also be able to join us beginning in the summer of 2014 for a series of local meetups – schedule and details coming soon.

Despite our problems with religion, it is clear that religions in the United States and elsewhere got some things right that we can improve upon. We – as a movement dedicated to happiness – recognize the value in associating with an extended community sharing similar values and finding  a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Unfortunately, most major religious communities are deeply flawed.

  • Religions prescribe actions that are highly dissonant to human happiness. The purpose and intention of religion is rarely – and never solely – to make people happier. A culture of even greater happiness could be created if reason and science were allowed to play a larger role than doctrine and tradition.
  • Religious organizations are not open to evidence or change. By adhering to ancient texts full of scientific folly, religions have become anti-scientific movements. When the realities of science contradict the Bible, religions choose the Bible. For this reason, religions have become the primary opponents of science in the classroom and in the lab.
  • Religious communities have become centers of bigotry. Instances of religion-sanctioned discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation are well-known and well-documented. We find this unjustifiable and morally reprehensible.

What if there were a community that taught ethics and morality based on science rather than ancient manuscripts? What if you could be a part of a community and movement larger than yourself that was actually designed to make everyone involved happier? Our long-term goals are largely centered around making these desires a reality.