Rational Romanticism is a Salt Lake City based movement designed for happiness. We will expand our membership and influence across the nation in the coming years, but oppressive law and culture in Utah currently take much of our attention.

We believe that science and reason may bring a future where our lives will be longer, diseases are rare, and the suffering that now seems unavoidable will be considered unthinkable. We look forward to a future where Alzheimer’s Disease, HIV, cancer, paralysis, diabetes, and even aging will be a thing of the past.

We also strive towards a future where the diseases of morality that plague our society will see their end. Every member of society deserves to be treated fairly, and we decry government favoritism,  crony capitalism, and class discrimination – whether against the rich or the poor. Our dream is of a future where governments protect our right to pursue happiness rather than legislating dogma and denying equal rights to its citizens.

It has become clear that close-minded thinking and religious dogma pose a great threat to our future. We cannot cripple future scientists by teaching Creationist fiction in classrooms. The future must not include churches that institutionalize discrimination based on sexual orientation. We are glad to be joined by increasing numbers of forward-thinking religious and spiritually-minded allies in this realization.

We write about the following topics:

  • How to be happy and enjoy our lives
  • Developing a culture that cultivates happiness and strong relationships
  • What we can do to change government to allow happiness to flourish
  • The potential beauty of the future
  • How to live to see the future
  • The future that science and reason could bring
  • Obstacles that prevent us from being happy as individuals and as a society

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