Rational Romanticism

Rational Romanticism is a community of curious thinkers devoted to cultural innovation.

Our Mission

We, who find the most profound joy and beauty in truth and love, are Rational Romantics. Our intent is to achieve the greatest amount of human happiness possible. We believe the honest pursuit of truth is the only effective method for attaining happiness, and that reason is the principal method for discovering truth. In this pursuit of happiness through reason, we have observed one particularly notable truth: enduring happiness is tremendously augmented by love. It is also clear that love flourishes most where rationality reigns. There is no duality of heart versus mind, but instead a harmonious union. Rational Romantics love truth, and truly love with body, heart, and mind.

We aggressively challenge societys’ conventions that are dissonant with finding meaning and long-term well being. We denounce all doctrines and philosophies teaching that meaning in life can be granted by an external source. It is imperative to appreciate that happiness and well-being can only be discovered reliably by employing reason. Moral actions are those which improve our lives. The exercise of one’s rational capacity is the only reliable method for determining what will improve one’s life, therefore both morality and true happiness require reason.

The culture and values held by Rational Romantics foster a community where one finds meaningful friendships and a sense of belonging. We discuss, challenge, and change our beliefs honestly, rejecting any use of fear and guilt. Rational Romantics are encouraged to experience that which may be characterized as spiritual, unobstructed by dogmatic authority or presumption. Our beliefs set us free to think without boundaries and to shamelessly live a manner that is truly consonant with human happiness.

We also aim to foster movements and support causes that will lead to longer, happier lives.


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